Empower is the first step for new revolutions

WoMakersCode a project of empowerment and strengthening the women presence in technology.

We want to change the world with people,
who use and do technology.

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Our Programs

Our programs are based on the professional journey, from the women point of view, debating and generating relevant content.

Tecnologia on Practice: from code to deploy

We combine our technical expertise to create learning experiences that align with the market, covering areas such as programming, DevOps, data science, machine learning, AI, UX and others. Bootcamps, workshops, talks and mentoring filled with sorority.


Her Voice
(English for Them)

Having english fluency opens many doors and is very important for those who want to join in the technology market. Her Voice is a free and online english course with mentoring and duration of 8 weeks, exclusive for women.


Being an IT professional is more than writing code. We create professional immersion workshops, addressing soft skills, curriculum and other related topics, to help you learn and be ready for the market. Are you ready to hack yourself?

Diversity in

Diversity means a collaborative, inspiring and welcoming workplace and is the key piece for innovation. Through open talks and dialogues, we can support your company to create an inclusive spaces.


She do that: leadership and creative

The technology market is growing more and more. However, the female presence among leaders, founders and CEO's is small. How about learning the first steps for a product development or people management?

Open Source: from culture to tech

Open Source technologies are the lead of industry and more than code, it's a culture about how do things. We share the culture mindset of Open Source, building project and learning methodologies.

Our Impact

  • 10K+ empowered women and counting

  • 100+ events and trainings held in Brazil and counting

  • 23% AVG of women join in new jobs with our support

  • code lines and new friendships