WoMakersCode is a non-profit initiative that support women protagonism in technology

WoMakersCode was founded in February 2015 by Cynthia Zanoni, a software developer from south Brazil. In 2016 we grow and create regional groups across Brazil, expanding our work to support women protagonism in technology, through professional and economic development.

Beyond the debates, we work to prepare and encourage them to invest in their careers and make their dreams happen. We carry out workshops, meetups and conferences on technical skills (hard skills) and personal development (soft skills), promoting awareness of gender equality and seeking to understand the causes of women underrepresentation in this IT market.

WoMakersCode Moviment

Technology as a way to transform

Inclusion and creation of real opportunities

Empowerment by technology

Voice, visibility and representativeness

Our Mission

  • Empower women with the skills needed for professional achievement
  • Educate companies to better promote, retain and hire women and raise awareness of the importance of gender equality and diversity
  • Build a community where networking and mentorship are the basis of transformation

Our Vision

  • We imagine a world where women are equally represented as technical leaders, executives, founders, engineers and scientists

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Team work
  • Growth mindset

Supporting Companies

We are very grateful to these companies that have supported our journey of female leadership in technology: