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A community made by women, for women

  • Eventos 6 years since 2015
  • Eventos + 500 events
  • Megafone + 100 mil women reached
  • Megafone + 50 mil women in our network

Sponsoring WoMakersCode

WoMakersCode works on understanding how to narrow the gender gap and explore ways to increase female participation in computer fields and you can help us!

We are happy to accept sponsors and recognize our Sponsors as such on our Project page. We invest our sponsorships into two main needs: money for our incidentals (streaming platform, etc) and chapters, and money for scholarships.

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Photo: Verônica Nascimento, coordinator at WoMakersCode Brazilian Northeast. Credit: WoMakersCode Summit Nordeste

Meetups and Events to connect and inspire the community

Meetups are informal meetings that encourage networking and the exchange of knowledge about technology and careers.

The WoMakersCode Summit, our nation's women in tech conference. We highly value the union and sum of forces for the cause and for this reason, we partner with Rails Girls São Paulo, Desprograme and other communities to lead the Women Dev Summit, a collaborative conference between communities of women in technology.

Due COVID-19, all activities are 100% online.

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Study groups and technical and career mentorship

A study group is an opportunity to develop, from technical skills to soft skills. The focus of our study groups is programming in general and is lead by volunteers organizers and mentors.

Currently, we maintain the Front-end Study Group and meetup trails with the themes of Data & AI, Architecture and Scalability, UX & Products and Development.

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Photo: WoMakersCode New York. Credit: WoMakersCode