Building female protagonism and representativeness in technology

Supporting our projects is more than just promoting your brand. It is being part of a community that is collaborating to build a better market and that believes in a world where women are equally represented as technical leaders, executives, founders, engineers and scientists.

Learn some ways we can work together and write to us at so we can think of a joint action.

Projects and Platforms


Monthly, our meetups (face-to-face and online) bring women together to talk about technology and careers.

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Canal no YouTube

Our YouTube channel brings together lectures, interviews, live coding, courses and tips on technology and career.

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Blog WoMakersCode na plataforma

Blog is a global platform for technical content and our community is part of this network! On our blog, you will find articles, tutorials and study guides, lovingly written by our community. Content that empowers!

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Empresas Apoiadoras

Conheça algumas das empresas que apoiam nossa jornada de protagonismo feminino em tecnologia: