Empowering is the first step towards new revolutions. Together, we are more women in technology.

We are the largest community of women in technology in Latin America.

Promoting transformation is part of our essence

Our journey began in 2015, driven by Cynthia Zanoni’s dream of making technology a career accessible to all women. Her work has been recognized with leadership awards from renowned institutions such as the Mozilla Foundation and Microsoft.
In 2021, our community evolved into a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the purpose of expanding the offering of technical training initiatives, mentoring, and employability, impacting over 250,000 women across Brazil. From awakening to leadership in tech!

Social Impact Report

Our project and process management is conducted with full ethical commitment and social responsibility.

Human Rights and Diversity Seal

WoMakersCode has been awarded the Human Rights and Diversity Seal by the São Paulo City Hall. This is a significant achievement for the NGO and a recognition of the impact of our Data Analytics Training Program for women.

Racial Equality Seal Program

The Racial Equality Seal Program is a recognition for adopting affirmative policies to promote ethnic-racial equality. At WoMakersCode, we've made an intentional commitment to the inclusion and empowerment of black women in technology. Together, we're shaping the future!

Nelson Mandela Award 2023

The Nelson Mandela Award highlights three initiatives for the rights of the black population in São Paulo. WoMakersCode's Technology Driven program benefited 56 black women with career mentorship, soft skills, and preparation for the job market in the technology industry.

Microsoft Living Our Culture Award 2023

Global recognition from Microsoft for everyone involved in DevOps 4 Women, which impacted nearly 2,000 women in Brazil. The program offered classes, mentorship, and hands-on labs over 13 weeks, with the assistance of 24 volunteers.

CyberEducation Marathon Brazil

We received an honorable mention at the 7th CyberEducation Marathon and are among the top 10 academies in the country, with 63% of our graduating students being awarded a scholarship for advanced Cisco cybersecurity certification.

Most Engaged CEO 2024 - UN Global Compact

Cynthia Zanoni, recognized for her exceptional commitment to gender and racial equity in the technology sector, was awarded as one of the most engaged leaders by the Race is Priority Movement and the UN Global Compact in Brazil.

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With your help, we can provide scholarships and access to professional development initiatives for women who are starting their careers or transitioning into technology.

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✨ We are the largest women in technology community in Latin America. We empower women’s leadership in technology through technical training, mentoring, and employment support. 🦋

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